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Cloud Telephony Features List
Active Call Reporting
After Hours Greetings
Alerts Management
Analog Terminal Adapter (FXS) Support
Auto-dialer Support
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Redial
Black List/White List Calling
Block Surcharge Calls
Bridge Call Appearance
Bulk Dialer Feature
Call Blocking
Call Custom Routing
Call Forwarding
Call Handing Rules
Call History- Real-time
Call Queue Destination Statistics
Call Queue
Call Queue-Supervisor Barge In
Call Queue-Supervisor Silent Monitoring
Caller ID Block
Caller ID Routing
Click to Call API
CNAM – Support
Conference Bridge – Auto Invite
Conference Bridge – Dial In
Conference Bridge – Listen Only
Custom Menu Options
Custom Messages on Hold
Dial-By-Name Directory
Direct Inward Dial (DID) Numbers
Direct Transfer to Voicemail
Distinctive Ring (Alternative Numbers)
Distinctive Ring (Internal vs. External)
Do Not Disturb
Enhanced 411
Enhanced 911 (E911) Service
Extension Dialing
Extensive/Top List Reporting
Fax to Email/Electronic Fax
Feature Access Codes
Find-Me–Follow-Me – Name Announcement
Find-Me–Follow-Me – with Caller ID
G.711 – Standard Audio
G.722 – Wideband Audio
G.729 – Compressed Audio
Group Call Pickup
HD Voice Quality Support
Hot Desking
Hunt Group
Hunt Groups
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Intercom Integration
International Calling
iPhone® Support
IVR Integration to Database
Multiple Registrations per Telephone Line
Multi-site Integrations
Multi-vendor Support
Music on Hold – Standard and Customized
Music on Hold unique to Queue or Hunt Group
Music on Hold unique to Telephone line
Number Porting – Local, Vanity and Toll-free
Online Account Management
Outlook Integration via TAPI
Over 6,800 US Rate Centers
Overhead Paging Support
Paging Multi-zone Android® Support
Password Protection
PC Integration Anonymous Call Block
Pick-up Groups Area Code and Number Selection
Priority Ring Auto Attendant
Proactive Network Monitoring
PSTN Overflow Option
Receptionist Web Console
Remote Access Automatic Hold
Remote Access Dial Tone
Remote Provisioning
Security Announcement Hotline
Selective Call Forwarding
Serial Calling
Silent Ringing
Simultaneous Ring Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Support
SIP Trunking Call Activity Logs
Six Second Billing Increments
Soft Phone Integration
Sound File Imports
Speed Dialing – Personal
Speed Dialing – Shared
T.38 Fax Support Call Monitoring
Telephone Paging – Announce only
Telephone Paging – Two-way talk
Third-party Call Forwarding
Time Groups
Time Route Calling Call Recording
Toll Free Number Support Call Reject
Toll Screening Call Restriction
ueue Thresholds
Unlimited Scalability Call Return
Video Calling Support Call Tracking
Virtual Numbers Call Transaction Reporting
Virtual Telephones Call Voice Tagging
Voice Encryption Support Call Waiting
Voicemail Distribution Caller ID
Voicemail Indicators – Visual and Audio
Voicemail Notification Caller ID Forward
Voicemail to Email Attachment
Web Calling API Class of Service
Web GUI Interface

Keep Your Existing Numbers

Looking for a new phone company but not a new phone number? No problem! We will guide you through the process of dealing with your old phone company in order to keep your current phone number(s) once you make the switch to TōTel®!

Next Generation Telephony

cloud servers
“Cloud” and “VoIP”. Those buzzwords you’ve been hearing everywhere! Simply put, Cloud means all of your data is being backed up in a virtual “storage space” through remote servers provided by TōTel. This makes your data accessible from any location with an Internet connection, along with a host of other features. VoIP, or voice over Internet Protocol, refers to technology involving conversion of analog voice signals to digital form, allowing voice and data communication to be delivered via the Internet.  Now you get to have all the features of a big business phone system at a fraction of the cost!

Conferencing and Collaboration

We can host virtual conference rooms for remote support and provide with you the professional and reliable collaboration you need in order to not only maintain, but improve your business!

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