How do I modify my phone’s ring cycle?

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What We Do:

TōTel Communications, Inc. is a cloud-based VoIP telephony provider, providing businesses with digital voice services and features over your Internet connection. Through our network of local partners, we offer VoIP services in the Monterey Bay Area and greater San Francisco Bay Area with high quality customer service and an easy transition to an affordable VoIP system.

TōTel VoIP lets you:

• Access your phone 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet access.
• Connect multiple offices under one single virtual cloud phone system.
• Present a professional image with leading-edge calling features.
• Get multiple incoming calls to just one service line.
• Avoid expensive hardware and installation fees of traditional VoIP and PBX systems.

This is a great introductory video that previews what TōTel does as a business.

If interested in VoIP service, visit or give us a call TOLL FREE at (888) 998-6835 today!

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